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Bandung has a garage sale locations relatively more organized than street vendors. Second-hand market there looks more orderly in terms of physical arrangement so do not be surprised if the flea market a new trademark for the city of Bandung.

Obsolete does not mean unused, outdated does not mean loss of function. That's the second-hand goods, which are sometimes neglected but increasingly loved by many people because the impression is cheap. But even more obsolete, the antique and increasingly expensive.

Flea market presence in the city of Bandung boosts the economic value of thrift. Thrift seekers today are not limited to the economic underclass. Many people from the upper middle class were similarly thrift hunting in Bandung flea markets, flea markets and unwittingly rekindled traditional market presence.

Currently flea markets in Bandung occupy certain strategic places continuously. Although without grouping but traders have flocked junk according to the goods they sell. It is very easy for consumers to find the location of the items sought.

You are interested in hunting thrift in Bandung? Here are some sites that you can go in accordance with the items you may need.

Money Antique

This road is a haven for automotive enthusiasts. Disassembly activities performed directly on the vehicle parts along the way.

Along the Way is the central Cikapundung thrift other than electronics such as bicycles, typewriters and sewing machines. Not far from there Cikapundung Market traders also used books and magazines, books or magazines are not only local but also foreign ones.

The traders used books and magazines are also lined up here, in front of clothing stores. The number of books sold more than those sold in Jalan Cikapundung. In addition to books and magazines can also be found secondhand tapes.

On the Road Jatayu (Commodore Supadio) there are hundreds of stalls that provide used vehicle parts for two wheelers or four-wheel drive and also provide installation services of vehicle parts. In addition to vehicle parts, there are also stalls selling second-hand goods such as bathroom fixtures such as bath tub and sink. Selin that are also used electronic equipment here.
Bikecycle antique

The turf itself is actually located in Jalan Situ Aksan, in this place for sale of used goods such as wood boards, frames and home furnishings.

Along Jalan Soekarno - Hatta, precisely Cigereleng and Gedebage are stalls selling and buying a used building materials such as wood, tiles, doors, zinc, brick, and a variety of scrap materials for building purposes.

Cikudapateuh road since 1960 has been known as the second-hand market that provides shoes and used clothing. As the development of the fashion industry, now only sell new shoes with a price range of Rp 30,000 - Rp 200,000.

Palasari already known to the center of Southeast Asia as sales of new and used books. The fans of the book from a variety of regions and abroad usually come to hunt for antique books. Used books is a favorite textbooks, college textbooks, novels, comics, and dictionaries. Price of used books at Jalan Palasari seventy percent cheaper than the price of new books.

Jalan Astana Recent provide spare parts and also used electronic parts used motorcycle. The merchants roll out their wares on the street and the park ranging from bicycles, sunglasses, DVDs, mobile phones, electronics parts, motorcycle parts to clothes and used shoes.

Cihaurgeulis Book Exchange located at Level II market Cihaurgeulis, most strategic location because it is located in the city center.

Markets so referral Cihapit another flea market to look for the supply of goods is fairly rare. In the second-hand market is sold pretty much any type of used goods, ranging from cars tape, shoes, leather jackets, vehicle parts, until the tape mark.

In Malabar Road thrift hunters can find bikes, folding chairs, office desks, glass to aluminum storefront. At this location transaki can occur ranging from selling, buying up trade. Malabar Road advantages compared to other flea markets is that the price is more lopsided 30-40 percent of the price of the store. Even for a new bike, the price offered to 10-15 per cent cheaper.


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Douglas Roper said...

Thanks for sharing this antique products that you found on your country. But I'm only looking for a second hand shoes and I already found it on boex site. You can also visit them here for more latest designs of their secondhand shoes.

Nissi Shruti said...

Compared to new device cost spare parts cost is tiny.

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